Engine of Doom is here!

Only a month after signing with the foreign record label RTR Records and changing their name, XSKULL8 present a new, fresh and striking single, ENGINE OF DOOM!

After saying goodbye to their name Captain Morgan’s Revenge and signing with the RTR Records, the guys from XSKULL8 rolled up their sleeves and ventured onto a little different musical path, while remaining true to themselves and their fans. In cooperation with music producer Matej Pečaver, a new single Engine of Doom was born, which was recorded in RSL Production studio.

Band members explain that the new single is more current with the world and our society these days: »if the previous song (My Worst Enemy) was more of a personal expression, this one is more of an observation of the current world situation. It explores how we are all just the ‘fuel for the engine of doom’.« »The release of the new single was a bit procrastinated, but for a reason. After signing our record deal we had to arrange some stuff, then the epidemic came and we had to adapt again. In the end, we decided that on 25. April the Engine of Doom will be out no matter what. And we think we did a pretty good job releasing it,« they added, laughing. They have officially greeted their newborn song on Facebook Event, which was a part of their weekly Live Sessions every Saturday evening on their Facebook page. Along with the song itself, they have also presented a new music video, which was produced by Mirror 2 Mirror production.

Where to now? »New Album! Songs are almost finished. Since the beginning of the year, we have been shaping the sound and polishing the details with Matej Pečaver, who will also produce our new album. Therefore, we think that this album will really… make some noise,« they promise.



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