Signed by RTR Records

Captain Morgan’s Revenge got signed by RTR Records and throw their last show as CMR.


First of all, a huge thank you for all of the incredible support since we started this journey together.   We’ve come a long way, played many great shows, met hundreds of awesome people, who we forever count as our family.

Not everything was always glitter and glitz, we have seen the hard times and witnessed so many unforgettable moments which all of you with us through the bad and the best.

 Here we are NOW, finalizing our first record deal, with RTR Records, that’s all because of your support and belief in us, that gave the band our true strength to drive and get picked up…

You’re probably wondering, what’s going to happen now, what will change??.  There will be some massive changes, and you deserve to know the details.  Our Label RTR Records has worked with us to establish a heavier, more aggressive form of new songs and a fresh vision of our new road with the label. Facts are we have sort of lost track, we are now returning to our roots with some very impressive support from RTR Records and their management style… SO, here goes.

We say goodbye to CMR name  we are NOW pleased to announce XSKULL8  So look our for our Facebook, Website and Instagram accounts to change J

New name, new music – same unrelenting energy. Some of you already know we’re working on new material. And that’s not going to change. We’ll just work a little harder. We will deliver badass music, because that’s who we are and that’s what you deserve… so get ready for it!

Make sure to be on track with the dates!